Instant Protection from Rain and Wind

Green Convenient Cape worn deployed by a woman
Blue Convenient Cape in pouch, around woman's neck


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Be prepared when:
• Traveling
• Attending sporting events and concerts
• Camping, boating & more

• Deploys from a neck pouch
• Easy to carry and ready to wear
• Durable water-repellent fabric
• Lightweight – less than 1 pound
• Sleeveless or long-sleeve option
• Pockets inside and out
• Carrying strap 1/2″ width, adjusts to 60″
• Use as a seat cushion or neck pillow


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Competitive Advantage What makes the convenient capes different than a typical rain poncho? Most rain ponchos are basic rain protective coverings. But the Convenient Cape has smooth detachable & concealable sleeves The cape can be used for traveling, camping, boat riding, concerts, attending sporting events & more. However, the carrying strap allows users to carry it as a fanny pack, wear it cross-body style or over the shoulder as a bag. But the true difference lies in the wearable, lightweight neck pouch in which the garment neatly packs and unpacks for effortless portability.

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Convenient Capes

Company History: Charles N & Emogene EM Leek LLC dba as Convenient Capes was founded April 26, 2016 in Lansing, Michigan. The company was named to honor the parents of Leonard Charles Leek due to the overwhelming support displayed by them throughout their entire life, for family and community.

The idea for this product is the brainchild of a conversation stemming around medical conditions and diagnostics concerns surrounding a friend of the community. Combining a traditional football event and a dear friend’s life’s accomplishments together as one, Leonard rallied the community to host a Super Bowl 50 party in his honor.  

Charles and Emogene Leek

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with suppliers throughout the world who share our commitment to provide safe and healthy workplaces. Our overall apparel product line will provide consumers with instant protection from the rain and wind.

We give back We give back to charities, when you make a purchase of any one of the (Convenient Cape Products). We will donate a portion of the proceeds to 501-C3 and 501-C4 charities where products are being sold.
Note: Every Purchase Helps

The founder of the company, Leonard Leek is a staple of the Lansing, Michigan community and his Main Street Association has been providing youth and family oriented programs for over (3) decades. Main Street Association is a non-profit organization working to better the communities through educational and motivational community-based initiatives. It organizes several community events including the Annual Main Street Area’s Reunion, Christmas on Main Street Celebrations, American Educational Incentive Programs, Mr. B-Wise Productions and much more. These events bring together communities and serve as a platform to support at-risk children, and underprivileged children and families; to motivate and generate a mindset of self-worth, higher education, and career goals.

Note : Every Purchase Helps

Leonard Leek
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